Making Friends Via Blogs


It's true. It really is true. Blogging cuts away the awkward minutes of first meetings. Speeds up relationship building and lets you start on step two or three or even four.

Sidebar: Spent last week in Boston speaking at the AMA workshop Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website. This is the 5th city in 7-months. It's been a thrill to be part of a team of marketing bloggers - or marketers who blog - who are as talented as they are generous. Next stop  - Atlanta  on September 30tMillie_and_toby_1h. Congrats again to to Charles and Bill on Pheedo's smart move to hire the blogmeiser himself - Dana VanDen Heuvel.

In less time than it took to order a Sam Adams (well...this was Boston) I was dishin' with some of the blogosphere's best diva's at the marketing wonk! Dina Beach Lynch, Susan Getgood and Jill Fallon. And of course Millie Garfield, who stole the show. and her daughterin-law Carol Garfield. Carol vlogged Millie's presentation - a first for the AMA workshop.
Sidebar: Susan and Jill will be at BlogHer ... me too! More about that on another post. 

And of course there were the divos Dr. Ronald Lasky, Rick Short, John Cass, Stowe Boyd, George Pulikkathara and Robert Leavitt.
Sidebar: Don't mess with Stowe. He recently passed his black belt.


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sounds like way too much fun (hint: jealous!)

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