Friday Fun: Wedding Gown Challenge


Happy Summer! It's time to lock the doors. Pull down the shades. Cross fingers and toes that  last year's bathing suits still fit! Ugh!

MeMe Dog_weddingRoth is taking fitness beyond bathing suits. She has issued a Wedding Gown Challenge. Remember the time (and perhaps a few tears) you spent finding the perfect dress? Then the excitement of getting ready for The Day?

Well...does the perfect gown still fit?  If you're in NYC on August 5th join MeMe and thousands of women who will march proudly through Central Park showing the world that they're still fit and svelte. Puppy_paws2


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Toby, this is too funny : ) even with cancer my wife worries about her weight! Incredible...she doesn't know how happy it makes me to know she can keep that weight on in the first place. It doesn't matter how many times I tell her, either. If we lived in NY she'd be working out to get into that wedding dress for sure!

Hope you are well : )

Posted by: Cary on Jun 27, 2005 7:20:32 PM

Ooops, just realized I left a link to one of my other blogs...didn't mean to confuse you. Sorry!

Posted by: Cary on Jun 27, 2005 7:23:14 PM

All I can say is it's ABSOLUTELY all have done a wonderful job, I'm thrilled!!!
Lets leave the flowers on the front off since they aren't really going to be seen. I kind of like the simplicity of just the plain white w/the color around the bottom. She's such a little girl I think simple is better. But I'm definitely satisfied the the decision to put the flowers on the back. And your idea to put both the chocolate/pink together was fabulous.. it's beautiful!! And the little headband is great as well. It's all just perfect!!
Thank you so much for all your help!

Posted by: Shaina on Sep 4, 2007 3:47:50 AM

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