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Delicious Destinations, the GourmetStation character blog that rattled the blogosphere by daring to use the company's icon, T Alexander, as the voice of the blog, has introduced a guest blogger.

Susan Anderson, a wine consultant,Vino_bottle is a real-live person. Honest I know. Vino Diva Susan has often helped me find wonderful wines on a limited budget. Her first post is wine pairings for a Tuscon meal.

It's exciting to work with innovative, creative people who are not afraid to take risks. Donna Lynes-Milller, president and CEO of GourmetStation, may have made blog history once again.

Sidebar: If you're interested in the Delicious Destinations backstory, the strategy was chronicled and posted on Diva Marketing Blog back in Nov. 2004.

Hmm...wonder what the blog pundits will have to say about integrating a character with a real-live person.


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Yep, you're going to get pushback on this one too! Although I'm sure the "purists" will applaud you for bring a "real" person into the mix.

Personally, I like the idea and encourage you to do more of this sort of thing. While I think character blogs have a place, this will lend even greater credibility to the site.

Posted by: Paul Chaney on Jun 14, 2005 1:49:53 PM

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