Boston and Blogs And Lobster. Oh My!


The American Marketing Association was one of the first to hold marketing-specific blogBoston_public_garden_swan_boats_good education events for marketers, and the fun continues in Boston on June 24th. Be a part of the most comprehensive 'blogging for marketers' education program. 

The program changes based on what we've learned and the feedback from participants. Boston will be city #5 (other cities were Seattle, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco) of what we fondly call our coast-to-coast road trip complements of AMA.  Look at why the Boston speaker line is one of our best!

- Ben McConnell, Author, Church of the Customer
- Stowe Boyd, President, Corante, Get Real
- Millie Garfield, My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie
- Bill Flitter, Chief Marketing Officer, Pheedo, Inc. Pheedo Blog
- Wayne Pelletier, Interactive Creative Director,, Inc. search engine scoop
- Dana VanDen Heuvel, Managing Director, BlogSavant
- Dr. Ronald Lasky, Senior Technologist, Indium Corporation and a Visiting Professor at Dartmouth College, Dr. Lasky's Blog
- Rick Short, Director of Corporate Communications at Indium Corporation, Rick Short's Blog
- Charles M. Smith, COO and Legal Counsel, Pheedo, Inc.
- John Cass, President-Elect, AMA Boston Chapter & Backbone Media Blog Survey
Sidebar: If you're a corporate blogger and have not taken the Backbone Media Blog Survey I urge you do it right now.
- Georgeo Pulikkathara Microsoft's MSDN Webcasts
- Toby Bloomberg, President, Bloomberg Marketing, Diva Marketing Blog

For more information and to register: Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website. Space is limited so if you're thinking of attending, don't think too long.

Marketing Wonk
Can't make the workshop but still want to talk blogs with bloggers? In keeping with the tradition that Ben McConnell began, Wayne Pelletier is coordinating a marketing wonk after the workshop.

What's a "Wonk?" Glad you asked! A "Marketing Wonk" is a Dutch treat networking event for marketing people to meet and continue discussing Blogs. Because once we start, we just cannot stop! Here's an open-invitation to all attending the workshop, professional marketers and bloggers in the Greater Boston area and well, anyone else who wants to see what bloggers look like in person!

There is no agenda, no speakers, no presentations, and no selling. We promise a great time with some terrific people. 

When: Friday, June. 24, 2005 from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Where: The Caliterra Bar & Grille (Inside the Wyndham on the 1st floor.)

Cost: Free. (Dutch-treat food/libations)

RSVP: Just leave a comment on Diva Marketing Blog or on the AMA Blog.

... and I'll let you in on a little secret this is a home-town event for Stowe, Wayne, Millie, Dr. Lasky, John and Toby! No matter how you pronounce it ... blog or blahg ... hope to see you in B-town!


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Ah, the Fenway. Boston. We'll be thinking of you guys on the other side of the Continent at Gnomedex 2005 in Seattle.

Posted by: Tris Hussey on Jun 7, 2005 12:45:30 AM

Hey Toby,

I'm a Boston girl. I'd love to come Friday night to meet you and Millie.

If a speaker drops out, consider me. I'd love to talk about creating a new niche through blogs, products and services to follow.

Typepad no longer accepts blogs with forward slashes. They say it's an invalid url. So here are my 3 blogs

Business of Life -
Legacy Matters -
ELV, corporate blog www.

Posted by: Jill Fallon on Jun 9, 2005 8:44:46 PM

Jill - looking forward to meeting a Boston Diva Blogger! By the way do check out Jill's blogs ... wonderful work!

Posted by: Toby on Jun 9, 2005 11:45:26 PM

Hi Toby,

Can't wait to meet you. You'll know me because I'll probably be the only woman there with red dreadlocks!

My site is one of a handful of blogs related to alternative dispute resolution that's woman-owned. I'm looking forward to connecting to other women bloggers in the area and learning more about this fascinating space.

See you soon!

Dina Beach Lynch

Posted by: Dina Beach Lynch, Esq. on Jun 17, 2005 12:32:27 PM

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