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Last week Bulldog Reporter invited me join an audio conference about blogs, RSS, podcasts and ezines. Thanks to Sally Falkow, Expansion Plus, Inc.,who was also on the call, for the whisper to the Bulldog people. Other panelists were my pal Bill Flitter of Pheedo and Pete Blackshaw of Intelliseek.

They tell me over 175 PR and media folks were listening in. If you missed the call and budget is tight this month - after buying those darling summer sandals (sigh) - and can't afford the CD, the companion blog is up and it's Free. Free is good. Panelists were event blogging and there are some excellent resouces.

Sidebar: The right nav bar has links to Part 1 and Part 2 (tomorrow) and the right nav bar includes feeds from the speakers' blogs.
Sidebar: Sorry for the messed up fonts...don't know what happened.


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