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When was the last time you talked to a famous scientist about alien creatures or life on other planets? Gallery_bluemoonDr. Seth Shostak, a highly respected, scientist with SETI, is writing  The National Geographic Channel's 2nd blog. This blog supports the special program, "Extraterrestrial", which airs May 30th. 

Congrats! to The National Geographic Channel for its innovative blog strategy. Tracy Williams, Marketing Manager for New Media, says the blog will run through May 30th. Keep a watch - as other organizations incorporate "short-term blogs" into more complex marketing strategies.

So, what's your vision of life on other worlds?  Cute ETs  beaming around the galaxy or Star War battles? Or do you think the blogosphere is it? Check out what Dr. Shostak has to say and join in a what promises to be very unique conversation. Yes! comments are opened.


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On the basis of present knowledge and the most likely explanation of the extraterrestrial hypothesis, we have been and are being visited by intelligent life forms who appear self disguising in and out of the narrow band of human perception. These continuous direct and indirect multifaceted alien manifestations demonstrate we are connected beyond the universe as we know it and are part of a much more profound cosmic process, the connecting of two species.

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