Friday Fun: Sounds of Music


Fridays are waiting for the weekend to start days. This is our space to create a virtual Happy Hour...from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A time to be sophisticated-silly. Or perhaps just plain silly.

Still listening to music the old fashion way - like on your radio instead of podcasts on your MP3 players?  Here's one for us...actually this is pretty cool.

FM 4411 is a free service that tells radio stations what you want to hear and then notifies you (IM, email or cell phone text) when the tunes are about to hit the airwaves. Sort of a new twist on the old juke box.

Downside - it's only available in Boston. Hey! Maybe I'll try it when I'm in Boston next month.

Sidebar: Seems they're a client of CooperKatz & Company. Hey Steve, why no blog?

Heard it from: Scobleizer


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