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Who wins the marketing game in the 21st decade? The diva or divo who can quickly put their fingers or curser on the right information at the right time. Here's a couple of excellent reports and PPT presentations to add to your favs.

Rick Bruner, DoubleClick and Business Blog Consulting, emailed me last week that his report  -
The Decade in Online Advertising is avalable FREE. The report goes from history to trends. One for your download library.

AiMA, Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, has added several new PowerPoint presentations to their website from past events. Also FREE. Be sure to take a look at "Return to Sender: Are Your Emails Being Delivered?" and Interactive Branding and Beyond: Real Tactics and Techniques Used By Today's Top Marketers." Great cases from Yahoo!, Coke and Univsion Moble with CIngular. Note: all can be find on this page.


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» AiMA: Are Your Emails Being Delivered from Marketing Loop Blog
Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) has added several new PowerPoint presentations to their event archives. They're available for free. A PowerPoint presentation by David Daniels from Jupiter Research (03/30/05) titled Return to Senders: A... [Read More]

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I just discovered ... they are offering a free $100 test print job (with promocode mimeo100) so I tried it out...and I loved it! I'm telling the whole world, they BLOW kinkos out of the water!

Posted by: Beth Kane on Sep 8, 2006 4:08:01 PM

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