Friday Fun: Diva Divine Modern Millie


When was the last time you found a new blog and read every-single-post? (New blogs don't count.) Once, twice five times ever? I just read every-single-post on My Mom's Blog and like a good book, was disappointed that there were no more.

Divas, I am so excited to introduce you to Mille GarfieldModern_millie, an ultimately divine diva. Thoroughly Modern Millie is almost 80 years young and has been blogging at My Mom's Blog since October 2003. 

Her humor is witty and wise and wonderful. I must admit she reminded me of my mom, my aunts and their friends. Millie posts about playing mah-jong, takes Dunkies (that's Dunkin Donuts for you non Bostonians) to task about their inconsistent senior policy (note to self - would make a great marketing post) and gives advice to a friend on May-December relationships (between a younger man and an older woman...of course.) "Go for it. This guy drives. Men closer to her age, if they drive they do not drive at night."

My Mom's Blog includes podcasts and vlogs of Diva Millie complements of her son, Steve Garfield, who is a wiz at all this stuff. 

Any diva worth her Jimmy Choos must pay a visit to Diva Millie!

Heard it from: Lip-sticking who heard it from Landfair Furniture

Sidebar: Beverly and Michael Landfair are part Yvonne's Smart Couple/Men/Women Online Series.


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Hello :) I'm from Poland and I like your site ;) And mum, of course, she's very funny :)

Posted by: Anka on Apr 14, 2005 6:31:10 AM

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