Paris Blog Event


April in romantic. If you want to write off a trip to France there are still a few openings at the LoicLeMeur Wiki - Internet 2.0.  April 25th.

Great line-up of international speakers. Some of the stars of the blogosphere: Doc Searls - Linux Journal, Halley Suitt - Worthwhile, Stowe Boyd - Corante, Jason McCabe Calacanis - WeblogsInc., Ross Mayfield - Socialtext, Meg Hourhan - Blogger and Caterina Fake - Flickr.


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I did not find Paris that romantic, so I am hoping for another event in London - which has the best traveling route for me - L├╝beck -Stansed with Ryanair. ;)

Posted by: Nicole Simon on Apr 10, 2005 5:33:18 PM

Looks good, Toby. If you go, bring me back a STEREOLAB CD and a glass beret for when I go on my television interview. Thanks. Lovelovelove. dear mentor.

Posted by: steven streight aka vaspers the grate on Apr 12, 2005 4:32:12 AM

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