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Biz Blog Profile Series: Intuit QuickBooks Online Blog


Biz Blog Profile: is a behind the scene look at how corporations, non profits and higher education institutions are using blogs to support their marketing goals.

Paul Rosenfield, General Manager for QuickBooks Online, is not afraid of challenging the status quo and pushing the envelope. Especially when it comes to implementing new strategies that bring his team closer to Intuit's customers and help customers establish trust with the product and the people who are the product.

Biz Blog Profile: QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks_logo_1 About Intuit
Intuit is the leading provider of personal and small business financial management tools, with such products as Quicken, TurboTax, and QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online Edition is the web-based version of the popular QuickBooks software that is used by 3MM small businesses.

Why Intuit is Blogging via QuickBooks Online
Because QuickBooks Online Edition is a service that you pay $20/month and access over the internet, we have found prospective customers want to feel confident in placing their sensitive data online. One way to achieve this trust and confidence is to share information about who we are, what we're working on to help customers and improve the business, and be honest about our "warts" when we have them.

How Blogs Fit Into Intuit's Marketing Strategy
Our key marketing strategy is placing our customers at the center of all our marketing. We do this because we have a service that revolutionizes our customers' lives via anytime/anywhere access and their testimonials speak far better to prospects than reading sterile marketing copy.

Selling-in To Management
I have long felt open, direct conversations with customers are an excellent way to instill trust and confidence. When an employee approached me about blogs, I greenlighted the effort. Two days later we launched our blog on Typepad.

How Intuit is Marketing the QuickBooks Online Blog

We have integrated our blog directly into our service home page, community boards, and prominently on our marketing website. We have much, much more we can do to increase our visibility. For instance, we will be bringing a RSS feed directly onto the service home page.

Future Direction
Improved integration into all marketing vehicles, especially our marketing website and service website. Inspiring and encouraging more employees in the group to blog. Inspiring the rest of Intuit to blog. Seamlessly weaving blog into the community board experience so we can more easily respond to posts. Creating a "development only" blog.

Paul Rosenfield On Blogs

At heart, blogs belong to all the employees - not the marketing organization. Just like Ted Levitt said, "Marketing is too important to trust to Marketers." So too, do Blogs belong across all the key processes of an organization. To place it within Marketing is to potentially defuse the potency and lose valuable conversations that Support, Operations, and Development can contribute to and learn from customers.

Blogs are also very easy to do. Don't ever let anyone say, "Well, blogs aren't a priority right now." Those who say that don't know what blogs are. The easy ability to publish a short blog entry on a volunteer basis makes blogs an ideal "just do it" initiative. Far too often big companies squash the initiative and drive of motivated passionate employees in their misbegotten zeal to "think big" and "be strategic". Our blog took two days to design and costs us $15/month through Typepad.

Sidebar: The Mona Lisa of Blogs, Debbie Weil, also interviewed Paul. Great read.

Diva Blogs!


Smart_women_2My blogging buddy TDavid asked for a list of women bloggers. I thought it would be fun to borrow TDavid's idea. For your reading pleasure (in no particular order) here are some of the blogosphere's DIva Blogs. Enjoy!
Sidebar: If I missed your blog, please know it was not intentionally. Add it (with your url) to comments.


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... here's a new one that I found following a blog stat -

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... and of course Diva Marketing Blog!


Blogs: SEO Powerhouses


Two (1 2) friends passing information along ... and now there are three. Paul Chaney has done a nice job in consolidating the excellent series of articles on Blogs as SEO Powerhouses that Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World, wrote for WebProNew.

By the way, Wayne pens a highly popular and successful column at WebProNews - check it out.

Harness WOM Marketing


Stephan Spencer, Stephan Spencer's Scatterings, has generously linked to a Powerpoint deck that he presented on "internet word of mouse" strategies at the Strategic Branding conference in Auckland, NZ. Great presentation -  @ Stephan Spencer’s Scatterings.  Bloggers are such friendly and generous people - thanks for sharing, Stephan!

Friday Fun: Diva Divine Modern Millie


When was the last time you found a new blog and read every-single-post? (New blogs don't count.) Once, twice five times ever? I just read every-single-post on My Mom's Blog and like a good book, was disappointed that there were no more.

Divas, I am so excited to introduce you to Mille GarfieldModern_millie, an ultimately divine diva. Thoroughly Modern Millie is almost 80 years young and has been blogging at My Mom's Blog since October 2003. 

Her humor is witty and wise and wonderful. I must admit she reminded me of my mom, my aunts and their friends. Millie posts about playing mah-jong, takes Dunkies (that's Dunkin Donuts for you non Bostonians) to task about their inconsistent senior policy (note to self - would make a great marketing post) and gives advice to a friend on May-December relationships (between a younger man and an older woman...of course.) "Go for it. This guy drives. Men closer to her age, if they drive they do not drive at night."

My Mom's Blog includes podcasts and vlogs of Diva Millie complements of her son, Steve Garfield, who is a wiz at all this stuff. 

Any diva worth her Jimmy Choos must pay a visit to Diva Millie!

Heard it from: Lip-sticking who heard it from Landfair Furniture

Sidebar: Beverly and Michael Landfair are part Yvonne's Smart Couple/Men/Women Online Series.