Friday Fun: Pamper Pets


Puppy_martiniHappy Friday Divas and Divos! Friday Fun is our - yours and mine - virtual pre happy hour space to be silly-sophisticated as we count down the seconds to martini time. Sometimes this spins into an idea for a marketing strategy. Sometimes it's just for fun.

Yesterday, Max got a hair cut. Max is my absolute wonderful, but sometimes very bad Westie pup. (A rescue from my dear friend Alf.)  To complete his new look Jenny sent him off with a cute blue & white bandanna. What a handsome puppy!

Dahling, everyone, even your sweet pets, not only deserves but needs to be pampered. The High Maintenance Bitch is stylin' and profiln' the diva way for your pets! From the products: Martini Collection of feather boas, Poochie Purses, Doggie Disco DiamondsHoroscopes (Max is a Capricorn and this Diva is an Aries) and more  to the website and other marketing strategies the concept and execution are great examples of innovation and creativity.

Sidebar: How can you spin this type of strategy for your brand? All silliness aside, what can you do to add innovation to marketing your products/services? It may not be a feather boa. Within a B2B environment it might be more of a challenge. The end result maybe a campaign that helps break through the clutter.  Would love to hear your story.

For Julie and the Divas at Coopermark Bank, the Atlanta GNO Babes, Divas Kate & Polli and all the Divas reading this  - here's one for us!

High Maintenance Bitch Martini (tm)
Martini glass should be chilled or not

1. Rim Martini glass - dip edges of glass in cherry syrup thin dip in sugar
2. Add stoli vanil
3. Stewarts cherries and creme soda
4. Add ice to martini shaker and shake it up bebe!
5. Garnish with cherries

Heard it from: Seth's Blog


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hey ur rate next to me rate now and rudy was vary excited to c u.. but it is late so im goin to go to bed cuz i hav to get up to c jess but sh it a scert so dont tell any one!!!!

Posted by: sam on Oct 1, 2005 11:28:35 PM

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