Friday Fun: Bloggers On The Red Carpet


Walkoffamemainstarwhite2The next red carpet interview may be Joan dishin' with bloggers! Diva dahlings better start looking for designers and making plans for hunky body guards to accompany you when you put on those gorgeous Harry Winston 'jools' .

Have you come across the WeblogProject? It's a film that will be made about blogs. Produced, directed and fund raised (wonder if they'll accept $ from non bloggers) by bloggers. Starring bloggers. Distributed Free via P2P. [Sounds pretty cool.]

We have no other agenda but the one of helping bloggers tell everyone else what this media revolution is all about. [Sounds pretty cool]

The vision is to identify the top bloggers in the whole wide world. Then the blogosphere morphs into the Academy and bloggers cast their votes for the top 20. [Sounds pretty cool.]

Curious to find out who has been nominated for the Top Twenty Bloggers In The Whole Wide World?  Well, I'm betting an appletini that you can guess at least half of the 40 on the list thus far. In all fairness, there is an international slant and there are 2 women -  Dina Mehta and Xeni.  Well, perhaps 3 I can't tell if Novocaine is written by a male or female. [Sounds NOT cool.]

Certainly there are more than 2 women (or even 3!) in the entire blogopshere that warrent Top Twenty Blogger In The Whole Wide World status.  More horrid than being on Joan's worst dressed list would be if the world assumed the Top Twenty Bloggers In The Whole Wide World were all men. Divas the nominations continue untl April 15th. I challenge you to even out the slate!


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Uh, Top 20 is always so limited.

But if I think of important women in blogging, there are three who come to my mind: The recruiters from Microsoft, Heather, Zoe, Gretchen. To bad they don't have one general blog. :)

Posted by: Nicole Simon on Mar 22, 2005 4:54:35 PM

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