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The Ventura Country Star, a CA newspaper is setting a new standard in citizen journalism. Readers are invited to help with editorial direction and to join in on the conversation in a most public way -  by blogging for the paper. Access to blogs are not 3 or 2 or even 1 drill-down.  Nope, you can find them right on the home page. Oh, and there is a Weekend Show Podcast. How cool is that!

There are political blogs like PJ Link. Personal diaires like The Dancing Fool. Youth blogs like teen Meow Victoria/that even includes a link to her technorati profile. And a dentist blogs and a poet blogs too.

Had to share this great line from Meow Victoria - "Somes I write better posts on different days, so you should, like read them all."  Yes, young diva...don't we all!

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The blogs on the left side of that blog index are blogs hosted by The one's on the right are links to blogs created by people in our community.

I want to make sure they get credit for their own creative talents.

If you know of any other bloggers in Ventura County, send me their links.

Posted by: Alicia Hoffman on Apr 5, 2005 11:35:26 AM

Hey, thanks!!! :)

Posted by: Victoria Timar on Apr 23, 2005 10:13:26 AM

I write a blog about Ventura County politics. Check it out at

Posted by: Brian Dennert on Jan 4, 2007 5:25:11 AM

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