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Inspiration Before Ideas


Idea_light_bulb_1Ideas are the currency of marketers and bloggers too! Diva Marketing Blog is about ideas. Ideas that look at the world sideways. Out-of-the box ideas. Ideas that put your brand center stage.

But...before Ideas there is Inspiration. Ideas can be illusive. It is Inspiration that renews your soul and spirit. Inspiration awakens creativity. Where do you find inspiration? And what inspires this diva marketer?

Would it be corny to say my dad? My dad was one smart dude. Much of how I look at marketing and business reflects what he taught me. Do business with people who respect you and who you respect. Treat your customers and employees right. Give more than 100%. Especially critical in a service gig where your reputation is your product.

What else? Walks along the beach and walking city streets. Discovering surprises around corners. And of course, Max my Westie pup who insists that I find time each day to play ... whether I want to or not!

Here are some links that may inspire you!

-Drawn! - collaborative blog links to illustrators, artists, cartoonists
Heard it from Boing Boing
-Library of Congress Exhibits - a treasure chest of links to online exhibits
-Quotes - motivational people


Gratis Blog Presentation For Metro Atlanta Agencies


I'm "borrowing" a great idea from a great blogger, Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion. If you work for an ad agency or pr agency, an seo/m firm or Fortune 1000 company in the metro Atlanta area and blogs are still a bit of a mystery, shoot me off an email. I'm happy to stop by and talk blogs with your team. I'll do even do a mini presentation about the scoop behind the blog buzz and social networking ... gratis!

Excited to help companies better understand how blogging can support their marketing efforts and those of their clients!

Quick Thoughts: Newsweek


Ten Points for Newsweek's new feature column - Blog Watch. Newsweek had RSS feeds too. But wait. There is no RSS feed associated with Blog Watch. Someone missed it. Minus Three Points.

Heard it from: Polli

Your Website...Window To Your Business


This shouldn't come as a surprise, but according to BIGresearch, many consumers go online to find information prior to purchasing at traditional retail stores.

The surprise is that often retailers still don't understand the importance their website plays in the process. "Most retailers have focused on their in-store experience but for many consumers online research is replacing the store as a way of gathering information on products and pricing before purchasing at the store level." Joe Piltta, BIGresearch.
Heard it from: eMarketer

Same holds true for business-to-business marketing. The internet changes the game - with or without a blog. Hello out there! Consumers have been in charge of the purchase experience for several years now. Reviews, pricing, product descriptions are a mouse click away. Websites are not becoming, websites are an important communication strategy, as well as, a critical sales strategy...even without ecommerce.Windowshoppingprovence

Think of your website as the prominent window into your shop. Sidebar: This takes a wee bit of imagination but I have faith in your creative abilities.

Imagine...your customer is strolling down the street or walking in the mall. A peek in your window is the first look she'll have of your products or serivces.

- How will you design the look?
*You have your direction set for this one. The look and feel of your website should always reflect the look and feel of your brand. Be sure Include your logo. If your brand image is more down home brews than up town champagne a crystal flute of the bubble will confuse your customers.

- How will you entice a casual shopper to stop her stroll and open the door?
*Something new and different that can't be seen at any other shop. For a B2C business how about a sensational new product or for a B2B firm offering a white paper report on a hot topic might do it.

- What will you do if she's on her way to meet friends for a cappuccino and can't pop in even for a look?
*Post ways she can get in touch with you. Include your locations. Could be the cafe is right near your shop and she'll not only drop by but turn the coffee chat into a shopping excursion and bring her friends!

Sidebar: Of course, before beginning any marketing strategy, I have no doubt that you've done your homework and know who you're targeting and all about their needs and desires.

Firday Fun: Silly Must See Downloads


Happy TGIF! Kick off those shoes that look gorgeous but have been pinchingWatching_films your toes all day...pour a glass of vino or an apple martini and watch a few silly must see downloads as you unwind from the week.

I don't know about you but dahling, sometimes just taking care of business, me and Max seems overwhelming. Ever want to go back to the good ol days before blogs...before the internet...heck before video games? Then The Gobbler is a must see"...a lost slice of American architecture and design - a period when just about everything had run off the rails, and good taste, retraint and classic traditions were utterly abandoned."  This one just begs for a blog!
Heard it from: Average Jane

A must see video for anyone who who has worked with a consultant or has been a consultant. Caution - you may not want to view this with your client!
Heard if from: Gay Guy Blogs

And this from my college, freshman niece - found on her AOL Instant Messenger "while im gone this can amuse u... and yes my bio prof showed this to us several times." If you liked that strange guy singing you must see this one.
Heard it from: Jessica Robyn


Thoughts & People From On The Road


Met a few blogging friends from around the world in Chicago last month. Kirsten Olsen, re:invention, and Jackie Huba, Church of the Customer are as sylishly smart as you would expect. And my pal from New Zealand, Stephan Spencer, Stephan Spencer's Scatterings, was an exceptional divo! Be on the look out for an interview that Stephen is doing with ABC. It's to be aired next month.  Nice article on Stephan's blog about RSS and Implications for Search Marketers.

Stephan invited me to join him in a “Thought Leaders Summit” teleconference sponsored by MarketingProfs.com on business blogging later this month. Details to follow.  Other panel members include: Seth Godin, Robert Scoble, Doc Searls, Shel Israel, Steve Rubel, BL Ochman, Debbie Weil, and Dana VanDen Heuvel.  How diva divine is that?!

For those who wondered, I made it to the airport for that 6:30p flight to Des Moines. Was even there before the shops opened. Airport vendors are missing a huge opportunity in not servicing passengers waiting for early flights.

Had a great time at AMA Iowa Chapter luncheon. Wonderful, friendly people. There were over 70 people at the event. Now...let's see who blogs first! Thanks to Arianne Steenblock, chapter prez (John Deere Credit) and Tamara Kenworthy, vp programs-elect (Essman Companies) for their midwestern hospitality.  A special treat was meeting Megan, a student at Drake, who is blogging about the AMA for a class project. Thanks for the kind comments about the presentation.  Sidebar: I figure if I didn't put Megan to sleep ... it must have been okay (or in IM terms - "k")!


Blog Posts That Never Return


Wayne Pelletier, Headspace, told a tale of sorry and woe, that is The Nightmare of serious bloggers ... over two years of his blog posts were zapped by a wicked computer glitch never to be seen again.

In tribute to Wayne's lost work, and to all blog posts that have vanished without a trace, a song for my Massachusetts friend who I am sure road the T to his music gigs in B'town. To be sung to the tune of Charlie On The MTA.

Will they ever return, no they'll never return
And their fate is still unlearned
They'll live forever in the wilds of cyberspace
They're the blog posts that never return

Lessons Learned: Back up your posts! Figmentations has resource links to how to back up blog posts. If you're using Typepad read Exporting Your Weblog Content.


How-to Write A Great Blog Post


Terrific how-to article from BL Ochman, whatsnextblogcom, on writing blog posts and comments. BL suggests a few questions to ask yourself before hitting the publish now link.

    -Is the topic clear to someone who only reads the headline?
    -Does the lead paragraph tell who and what the story is about and why the reader should care about it?
    -Is the angle you've used likely to seem newsworthy?
    -Would someone who knows absolutely nothing about this topic understand this post?-
    Is the post free of jargon?
    -Is it written in a journalistic style and does it make an effort to be objective?
    -Have you peppered the headline and the post with keywords and phrases that is attractive to search engines?

Heard it from: Mircro Persuasion

And if you're struggling with finding your unique blog voice, wander over to the zen of blogging at GayGuys. Writer Alex Geana shares his views and offers some excellent tips. - "The challenge is to keep the voice constantly alive and growing."

 It's not always an easy task but it is one of the secrets of a successful blog.