On The Pod with Cam & Mick


The wild and crazy Aussies from G'Day posted the On The Pod podcast we did a few weeks back. Cameron ReillyGday_logo and Mick Stanic are 2 smart dudes who know their way around the virtual mike. It was a fun, some times silly chat. But according to the diva of podcasting Nicole Simon, Useful Sounds  - This chick kicked your ass ;))  No, great show, and you should definitely get her back online for a marketing show.  Catch Nicole's On The Pod.

By the way, Cam and Mick recently launch the Podcast Network. Check it out when you've a sec and download a few programs. More podcasting..."The Jeremy" ambushed Tris Hussey, Paul Chaney, Lee Wilkens and Eric Rice for his new podcast the BizBlog Show. Realized his guest skewed male ambushed moi.

Glad to see that more divas are catching the podcast wave. Amy Graham at Contentious has running list of women in podcastng -  count as of today is at 61.


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never been called that, but thanks for the plug ;o)

comments like that will motivate me more to get my recording equipment for skype going - perhaps we should talk about some diva podcasting ;o))

Posted by: Nicole Simon on Mar 24, 2005 10:12:38 AM

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