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What diva worth her tiara hasn't dreamed of becoming a media star! Flash bulbs popping! Joan interviews on the red carpet! Dahling now you can be the center of attention with your very own radio shPink_ipodow - complete with RSS feed and downloadable into MP3 players.

What's a podcast? Very simply and in non geek terms, it is an audio file that can be downloaded and played in a MP3 player like the cute pink iPod. The files can be linked from your blog or website.

Tris Hussey, View From the Isle, has a link to a PowerPoint presentation about podcasts from the NorthernVoice, a blogging event in Canada.  Amy Graham, Contentious, provides a great description of podcasting as does TL Pierce, How to Blog for Fun and Profit.

Podcasts as a Marketing Strategy
Marketers, time to take off the tiara and put on your strategy hat. Whatever that is ... a purple hat or a baseball cap. Podcasting offers an interesting tactic to extend reach and to promote your brand. Some savvy marketers have been playing around with adding audio clips to their websites. Podcasts let you take the information off the computer and out the door. You can listen at work, while waiting for a plane. You can listen in the park you can listen on the train. (oops sorry Doctor Seuss!). 

Think value added content that is richer and deeper than a webpage, a brochure or even a blog.  What about interviews with leaders in your industry?  Or a weekly podcast "fire side chat" from the president of your company? How about an internal branding  program that includes interviews with staff from HR to IT to Accounting. Add some of your clients and you've the makings of an innovative strategy.

Church of the Customer Podcast is one of the best I've heard...but then we'd expect nothing less from Ben and Jackie! Nice example of how to use one of the newest interactive strategies to promote your brand.

Other podcasts for your listening pleasure:
Easy Baked Weblogs, G'Day World, Hobson and Holtz Report (link to podcasts on right nav bar and be sure to read this post too), View From the Isles Walkabouts

Your company wants more sophistication and polish? Palegroove Studios can help add some bells and whistles. It is billed as the first podcast production studio.
Heard it from: The Blog Herald

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You nailed it! Podcasting is hot and in one form or another, it will stand the test of time! Both Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs are banking on that! :-) Keep up the great work! Mark Davis, Producer, PodCast Radio Show -

Posted by: Mark Davis on Sep 18, 2005 4:27:36 PM

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