FridayFun - iPod DJ Party


Dahling DIvas pull out those cute pink iPods and let's rock it! The latest fad in the iPod craze (as opposed to the podcast craze) is iPods or MP3 players used as the music source in clubs. No spinning records (who remembers those?) or mixing it up with CDs. Power to the People or citizen music has hit the world of the disc jockey.

Bring your MP3 player to Gate 54, a basement lounge at Cafe Saint-Ex in Northwest Washington DC  and sign-up to be a DJ. iPod JukeBox is held every  second  Wednesday. You can also play your own tunes in Manhattan at APT or in Vinyl_albumChicago at The Tonic Room and even Milwaukee is getting in the act at the Hi Hat Lounge & Garage. Coming soon to your fav club.

We sure have come along way baby from spining those vinyls!

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