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Blogs are growing up. Bloggers have their own professional associations like PBA. Next month brings a new magazine - blogger! magazine. In keeping with its internet roots, the publication will be a PDF download format with a subscription fee of $15/annual. The intro rate of $12/annual.  Free 2-month trial. Offer is open to the 1st 500 that sign up before March 1.

Seems to be all sorts of pricing models. Miss that deal and you can sign up for the first issue for $1.25 and if you like the pub, opt for 11 more issues at a total cost of $7.75.

Ads are being sold; but thus far there is no reader profile/demographic so it's difficult to make a business decision on the buy or to recommend to clients. Couldn't find mention of who the reporters/writers are or if there were freelance opportunities. Guess you'll have to wait until launch.


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