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Another "AMA Blog Alumni" launched a weblog. Helen Hoefele pens Figmentations. Helen is testing the blog waters and experimenting to find her unique voice. But then, any blogger worth your time, should be continually doing the same. Exploring. Reaching. Trying.

Most writers (and artists) struggle throughout their careers to develop their unique style. Once they finally find it, Writing_1the challenge of the next stage begins and the next and the next. It's called growth.

Sometimes when I come across a new blog, I click on very first post and read a few of the beginning  writings. Then I'll skip back up to the current level. It helps give me a sense of the person ... and isn't that what's at the heart of a blog ... the person?

Here are a few tips and some ideas to help you find your authentic style.

The Blog Voice Elements
1. Style and tonality
2. Subjects/themes
3. Post format
Sidebar: The best information I've seen on blog post formats is from Contentious - a classic or what will become a classic - on blog writing.

Tips on How To Find Your Unique Blog Voice
1.Write - write - write. The more you write the more your style and voice will evolve.
2.Imagine the people who will read your blog. Think about individuals vs. a group.
3.Talk to the people who read your blog. Think conversation vs. lecture.
4.Let your personality come through. Include your own ideas and thoughts.
5.Read a couple of your blog posts aloud. Do you sound like you?
6.Enjoy the adventure. If you're having fun, your passion will come thru.

Helen - welcome to the blogosphere!

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Finding a voice, not only for yourself but that of your characters, that is what took me years of bad writing to learn.

Posted by: Alex on Feb 15, 2005 1:03:11 PM

What a great list of tips! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Posted by: Tammy on Jun 23, 2007 5:39:03 PM


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