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Anyone who has been blogging for more than a minute and thirty seconds understands that links drive hits. Alex found that out when he "live blogged" the State of the Union Address. Alex Geana pens the sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes sweet, but always divo smart "gay sex in the city " blog - Gay Guy Blog

Alex is one smart dude. He received a CNN news clip that Tech Central Station was covering bloggers who were "live blogging" the State of the Union Address. Sent them off an "e" that Gay Guy Blog   would be covering the SOTU. 

Alex's email
I'll be Blogging the State of the Union from a Gay New Yorkers perspective. After last year, I'm ready to do battle with my Blog. The main focus of my Blog is gay relationships, so the State of the Union is crucial.

Lo and Behold! Tech Central Station linked to One Gay Guy.  Links went up a day prior to the STOU. And not just a mention mind you, but a link on the right nav bar. Great positioning.

The Blog Stat Scoop

-Blog stats day prior to STOU - 700 approx
-Blog stats day of STOU 1,000 approx
-Blog stats 2-days after STOU - 700-800
-Blog stats week of 2/6 - 550-650

Alex says it was difficult to track history on Typepad (tell me about that one!). Typepad doesn't hold history. But he figured that TechCentral contributed about 300+ hits the day before the SOTU and almost 500 hits the day of.

Now the challenge is to build on the lift and keep an eye out for the next big link opportunity.


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