Making Money From Blogs


Monopolymoney_2Washington Post is running an article on how to make money off of blogs. You've probably seen most before but here's the list:

-Google AdSense ads on your blog
-Include blog ads such as Blogads or Pheedo. Watch this space as it becomes more competitive. The New Jane targets blogs targeted to women.
-Affilate programs such as selling books.
-Pass the hat. Some bloggers are asking for donations send money via  PlayPal
-Sell your wares. Or create some new ones like Blogcritic 's stuff.

Sidebar - if you consider your blog to be a marketing or business related blog, review how a model that includes ads of any type supports  your strategic goals, objects and of course brand. A few shekels might hurt your credibility and errode the positioning you've worked so hard to acheive.  On the other hand, if the items that you promote add value for your target audience it might be a way to pay your hosting fees.


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Thanks for the tips on making money from blogs. I haven't got a blog yet, but would like to at some stage. And making it self supporting would be great to do. I'm just not sure I can keep posting at the rate you do!


Posted by: Business Growth on Jun 30, 2005 9:16:58 PM

There's also AdBrite, a program which is easy to install on your webblog. I'm not one of them ;-) Nice site btw. :-) Greetings from Germany.

Posted by: Lepold on Aug 17, 2006 7:24:36 PM

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