Godiva Gets eMail Marketing To Women


Vd_godiva_1 Chance to win 52 pairs of Manalo Blahnik shoes at Godiva.com

Much of the eMail marketing I've seen lately has been oh so dull. We're talking the black laced shoes from the 40's kinda boring. Not a bling or a bubble to even want to click. Forget about the buy.   

Godvia's Valentine Day campaign is a breath of fresh air. Not only does Godiva understand internet marketing but it gets target marketing. And of course those savvy marketers have created a branded landing page. Take a look at the subject line and offers.

Subject lineChance to win 52 pairs of Manalo Blahnik shoes at Godiva.com
Offer: Grand  Prize 52 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes *and* 52 boxes of Govida chocolate  *and* a trip to NYC for two.
Offer: 100 First Prizes 4 pairs of Manola Blahnik shoes *and * 8 boxes of Govida chocolate
Tagline: Win a Year of Passion

What more can a diva want on VD except perhaps a divo and some bubbly!


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Posted by: Frank Gonzalez on May 10, 2006 1:54:32 PM

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