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Diva Marketing is all about sharing innovative ideas - some big...some small - that with a dash of  imagination you just might be able to spin into strategies to support your brand.

Presentation2Here's a brilliant idea from Alex Brown, assistant dean of admissions at Wharton's MBA program.  Alex created the blog MBA Admissions Blog!to help MBA applicants as they prepare to apply to business schools.  That's nice. A way to keep Wharton front and center in the competitive world of higher education. 

Here's the link take a quick peek  and while you're there click on the links on the  nav bars. Then come back to Diva Marketing - divamarketingblog.com

What did you notice? The blog is rich with content. What's more the content is fresh. And it goes without saying, relevant to the target audience.

Here's where Alex hit pay dirt....almost all of the links e.g., content are feeds from other blogs and discussion boards relevant to MBA Admissions. And it gets better. All are FREE. [Sidebar: permission was granted from the sites. It's a win-win situation.]

Let's go a step further. Stay with me on this one. Think about your business model for your blog.  More bloggers are including ads on their blogs. However, as visitors become more comfortable reading blogs in aggregators, the less likely they will be to click to enter your blog. [Sidebar: Yes, I know that Pheedo has a model that inserts ads into the feeds.].

It does not take a Wharton MBA to figure out that your best prospects, those people who know and love you, your subscribers, are the very people who will not see those ads. They will not click to view; so you can forget about the click to buy.  You've lost a huge sales opportunity. [Sidebar: Yes, I know you can vary the length of the post viewed.]

How do you encourage visitors to click back into your blog? Lessons learned from eMarketing 101. Value Add Content. The blogosphere is evolving faster than even the "old fashion" web world. Blogs today don't look like blogs of 3 years ago. I bet my boa (pink feathers!) that the next year will see even more changes.

If you want your subscribers to enter your site, I would encourage you to begin to explore strategies that entice them to click into your blog instead of skimming in a reader.

Thanks Alex!


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very true, i've been pondering this for a while as well. But i'm a young blog, so I don't have to worry just yet.

Posted by: Alex on Jan 19, 2005 12:17:41 AM

A whitepaper Alex Brown called “Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms and the Power of Transparency” that goes along with your article and explains Wharton philosophy a bit - http://www.zehno.com/papers/discuss_blog_chat.pdf

Another example of Wharton blogging is their diary community with ~30 bloggers. The diarists' entries are entirely unedited, some diarists are very frequent and some are not. Link - http://diaries.wharton.upenn.edu/

Posted by: Manny on Jan 19, 2005 2:48:33 PM

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