Friday Fun: Holiday Blogging Songs


Xmas_blogBloggers get a creative the night before Christmas. Badlands's 12 Days of Blogging is making its rounds throught the blog world. Brad Graham wrote this in 1999.

At Solonar you'll find the Blogger's Night before Christmas. Solonar wrote this one in 2002.

If you still want more Christmas stuff check out Eric's Blogcritics post.

Since I couldn't find anything more current, I hard can this be? Just for a giggle, to the tune of The Christmas Song here is a very bad, and I do mean bad...tribute to the blogs and bloggers who write them! Works best with a holiday adult beverage.

Bloggers sitting by a hot spot
Spammers nipping at your posts
Blogs being read by A-list bloggers
And readers subscribed by RSS .

Everybody knows links and graphics (more graphics)
Help to make the trackbacks soar.
Bloggers with Technorati listings
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that visitors are on their way
With high search rankings yet to come.
And ev'ry blogger is gonna to see if
Blogs really are that much fun.

And so, I'm offering this

Simple phrase to bloggers new (and new) and old,
Altho' it's been said many times
Many ways; "Happy blogging to you!"

Sidebar: Wonderful xmas angel drawing from Scoble who found it on unmediated. Extra holiday treat...more children's blog drawings.


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So funny. I love it.

Posted by: Alex on Dec 25, 2004 11:45:41 AM

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