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Thoughts and a Few Snippetts from the Workshop

-Highlights were meeting blog buddies (without a doubt they all qualify for Divo status) talking blogs with participants & speakers, and of course, Ben's Marketing Wonk dinner.

-Diva Deb Franke, e-Marketing Manager, Emerson, felt the speakers were real and passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences e.g., no sales pitches here. [Sidebar: AMA would never allow that to happen anyway.]


- Kicked off by asking what 3 words describe blogs. Most words fell into two categories: communication and expertise.  What 3 words would you use?

Robert Scoble

-Robert's easy, down-to-earth manner immediately engaged the attendees. He was slotted for 45-minutes but generously stayed for over an hour and a half. We were impressed by his kindness and sense of joy about life.

-Want to blog? First read blogs. Read 20 blogs.

-Blogs are rapid fire conversations.

-It's about creating conversational marketing - new world vs. old world

Bill Fitter

-Consumers control the marketing message filter. You need be relevant and on target to even get noticed.

-RSS helps consume a lot of information quickly.

-Watch for more blog ads and ads within RSS feeds.

Ben McConnell

-Great information about blogging basics from what is a blog to tools to use to create a blog.

-Blog Must Haves: a name, a description, an about me (yes!), a full feed

-Consumers are shaping products. King Kong movie site; producers are taking direction from prospective audience members. Though not a blog it's still an interesting example of social marketing.

Sidebar: If a man gets points for the toys he has, Ben wins the prize!

Dana VanDen Heuvel

-5 P's of Blogging: Personal, Peramlink, Publish, Ping, Participate. Move over Professor Kotler this is new world marketing.

-Blogs are promotions of ideas and less about a particular product or pricing strategy.

-Bloggers become the voice of the company. [Sidebar: Deb asked if that holds true, do companies need an exit strategy when a blogger leaves? Which lead us to wonder what Microsoft would do if Robert left. He *is* Microsoft for many people.]

Dave Williams

-WIth a new blog created every 5.76 seconds using blogs to pull high search rankings is getting more competitive.

-Blogs should be optimized for search similar to website search strategy.

-Use key words in content to increase rankngs on relevant pages.

Dana has some wonderful overviews of the sessions. He's much better at note taking than me...guess that's why we'll soon be calling him Doc.

Next Stops: Manhattan January 21 and Chicago February 18. Find Out More About the AMA Hot Topic Blog Workshop


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Sarah of the Massini Group attended the AMA HotTopic Blog event in Seattle. Sarah has already published her 10 steps for getting on the blog bandwagon! Sarah says she has a personal blog, but didn't send the URL. Sarah, please send the URL :) [Original... [Read More]

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And to think I forgot several of my toys during that trip!

Posted by: Ben McConnell on Dec 21, 2004 2:29:49 AM

Thanks for the super summary Toby! Can't wait until NYC. Come on folks, won't you join us!? It will be a great event!

Posted by: Dana VanDen Heuvel on Dec 21, 2004 2:40:53 AM

This is soooo exciting! We are looking to join you in Chicago! Way to go, Toby!

Posted by: Yvonne DiVita on Dec 21, 2004 11:27:29 AM

Attending the AMA blog event was worth the trip. Don't blog, don't know what RSS is? Neither did I. Now I'm a convert. Here are the 10 steps Massini Group plans to take as a result.

1. Will check out (read and subscribe) blog sites.

2. Determine how a blog maps to our marketing objectives. Possibilities: improve search placement, show that we are market leaders, new channel to reach customers/prospects and drive them to our resource center, establish Massini Group as an authority in our niche, and give campaign manager’s outlet to show expertise.

3. Consider the risks. Biggest one being now we’d have something more to maintain.
Choose someone or group of people to write the blog.

4. Set guidelines. Can be as simple as, "Make your mother proud, don’t lie, write to inform." Thanks Ben.

5. Map the process. Wow will the blog be sustained? Who will do the updates? How frequently? Who will review? Who will respond to comments? Who will manage a calendar?

6. Brainstorm content topic areas (event promotion, new whitepaper, marketing news).

7. Determine key words we want associated with Massini Group and look for a domain name that might contain those words. Pick a title that describes what we do and why people would want to visit our site.

8. Build a personal blog, test it out. (DONE!)

9. Build a company blog, populate with enough stuff to start promoting.

10. Begin promoting. Syndicate (RSS, XML feeds). Put link on main site, in resource center. Promote to customers (maybe by letter). Promote blog in Massini Group signatures. Register weblog with and others.

Posted by: Sarah Harrington on Dec 21, 2004 2:49:44 PM

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