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Movie Over Sex in the've got company in the blogosphere. Oxygen's Women & The Badge launched a blog to promote the show. The blog looks at a cop's life through the eyes of Officer Jan Dubina who by the way is featured on the show. (Yeah I know Carrie's not real but hey...don't sweat the small's a blog promoting a TV show.)

Wonder which TV show or perhaps film or perhaps author will discover that blogs are indeed a powerful marketing promotional tactic.

Officer Dubina need a few tips on blogging? Take a look at the blog of Police Chief Dan Carlson of Eden Prairie.

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OMG can you be scared of a blog. They could have done a better PR pic.

Posted by: Alex on Dec 29, 2004 3:50:19 PM

I'm a huge fan of 24 and CSI. Have any of you checked out the Saturday night lineup on Court TV?

Posted by: usher on Apr 28, 2005 6:58:47 AM

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