Looking Back and Looking Forward


In retrospect ... eMarketer's 2004 eBusiness Trends

1. Paid Search Advertising - 51% growth to $3.9 billion in the US.

[Sidebar: I assume this accounts for website ads only and not blog ads. Visit Blogads and Pheedo to learn more about blog ads.]

2. Cross Channel Shopping - Multi-channel shoppers tend to spend more than single-channel shoppers.

[Sidebar: Diva marketers know that Integrated -traditional and new media- strategies produce strongest results.]

3. Blogs and RSS - Corporate blogging became popular.

[Sidebar: Delighted that blogs and RSS were acknowleged as a business strategy. However, corporate blogging still has a few miles to go before it hits mainstream popularity.]

[Sidebar: Take note of Robert Scobel's #14 2005 predicition: There will be a couple of major marketing misteps because marketing directors will have thought all they needed to do was a blog and everything would fall into place. As we are learning, there is much more to a successful corporate blog than a few posts. More later.]

4. Strong Broadband Adoption in China, Japan, UK and France - As broadband decreases in cost (less than $30/month) "take-up is rapid." Making our world just a little smaller.

5. Mobile Service - Wireless phone and services are being used for more than just talking. Picutres. Videos. Ads.

[Sidebar: The word is moblogging!]

6. IT Overseas Outsourcing - IT is the most commonly out sourced business function.

[Sidebar: Please, please, please if outsourcing is part of your business model invest some of those saved $ in customer service training.]

7. Healthcare and IT - Watch for healthcare providers electronically sharing information.

8. VoIP Service Offerings - Anticipated faster growth in 2005.

9. Linux - Tech firms made long-term commitment to Linux.

10. China Major IT Consumer - Projected IT spending for 2004 - $25 billion.

Looking forward. Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, Church of the Customer, give their top 10 strategies to ensure our customers are center stage in 2005.

1. Gather more customer feedback

2. Be more transparent

3. Be more authentic and personnal

4. Napsterize your knowledge

5. Give up rewards programs

6. Communicate with customers more often

7. Be more visible

8. Divide at least one product or service into bite size chunks

9. Get customers involed

10. Some how change the world


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