Blogs Are Communication


Blogs mean different things to different people. However, at their heart blogs are immediate communication vehicles.

Yvonne DiVita reminds us that passionate people are on the other side of the keyboard. People who generously share their worlds with others. They open the doors of our own worlds a little wider. Yvonne is one amazing diva who writes two blogs Business Blogging Bootcamp and Lip-Sticking.

Evelyn Rodriguez, who pens the beautifully written blog, Crossroads, is doing just that for her readers. What began as a happy holiday on the island of Phi Phi Don off the Andaman coast of Thailand turned into a nightmare when Evelyn found herself in the middle of the tsunami. Travel home safely Evelyn.

A little help from a friend...CNN provides an extensive list of links to non profit organizations providing aid to the victims of the tsunamis including: UNICEF/Red Cross/Doctors Without Borders

Adding one more link for tsunamis aid from Command Post.


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