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Shattering The Glass Ceiling


Right from the Introduction I knew Jeanne Torrence Hauer’s Millionaire Women would be a different read than other success books about women. In non judgmental style, the author sets the stage of by explaining the complex choices women are faced with in today’s world.

Millionaire Women earns its success from Hauer's skill as a storyteller and her background as a marketer.  The book offers a unique look at how and why 16 women began and succeeded, beyond all dreams, in their kitchen table businesses.

Don’t let the words kitchen table fool you, these women entrepreneurs are no light weights when it comes to achieving financial and personal success. Lorraine Tribe, Quest Personnel, an international recruitment firm, had billings of $40 million what she sold her company for almost $5 million (stock and cash).

Did you know that the first self-made millionaire in the U.S.was an African American woman? Madam C.J. Walker, founder of C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company, made her fortune from hair care products. Some of the other women interviewed include: Doris Christopher, The Pampered Chef, Arlene Lenarz, Mary Kay Cosmestics, Lillian Vernon, Lillian Vernon Corporation, Rian Van Velzen-Bastaansen, Nature's Choice.

In addition to inspiring stories, the book provides specific strategies and tactics that any business person – diva or divor – can put into practice. Several important, common themes run through each woman's story.

1. Find and follow your passion

Not everything will be easy. There will be obstacles, but follow your passion. -  Doris Chistopher, The Pampered Chef

2. Take care of your customers

Treat your customers as though they were your grandparents. - Sally Degnan, Two Men and A Truck

3. Great people make a great company

Our success has been founded on our choice of great people to work with. - Pat Miller, Vera Bradley Designs

4.Build strong, authenic relationships

People-based relationships and performance will continue to be most important in the formula for success. Lorraine Tribe, Quest Personnel

5. Keep life and business in perspective

Don't take life too seriously and don't make everything personal. Cynthia R. Jones, Jones Worley Graphic Design Consultants

A must read for business owners, those thinking of entering the entrepreneurship world or when your world spins too fast and you need a tad of encouragement.

A few more Diva role models from the Wall Street Journal – The 50 Women To Watch. The report profiles 50 women who have broken through the glass ceiling.  Here are the top 3 from each category.

In Line to Lead

Karen Katen – President, Pfizer Global Pharmceuticals

Marjorie Magner – Chairman and CEO, Global Consumer Group, Citigroup

Indra Noovi – President and CFO, PepsiCo

The Inheritors 

Abigail P. Johnson – President, Fidelity Management & Research Co.

Ann Patricia Botin – Chairwoman, Banco Espanol de Credito


Redstone – President National Amusements

The Owners

Oprah Winfrey – Harpo.Inc.

Kim Sung Joo – Sungioo International, Sungioo Design Tech & Distribution

Fredy Bush – Xinhua Financial Network

The Grant Givers

Patty Stonesifer – President and Co-Chairman, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

(one mention)

The Watchdogs

Elizabeth Grossman – Action Attorney, EEO Commission

Amy Butte – Chief Financial Officer, NYSE

Linda Chatman Thomsen – Deputy Director of Enforcement, SEC

Running the Show

Carly Fiorina, CE Hewlett-Packard

Margaret C. Whitman, CE, eBay

Andrea Jung – Chairman, Avon Products

Bly Blogs


Robert Bly (of the Can Blogging Help Market Your Product?) sent me an email letting me know that "we are famous."  I'm not sure about me, but the blogosphere certainly gave Bob his 15-minutes. Yes, dear Divas, I must admit I too sent Bob an email about his stance on blogging. Seems DM News liked what I had to say and published it.

Another example of the (need an audio clip of a drum beat here) "power of the blogosphere" - I have it on good authority that Mister Bly intends to launch a blog. My source: Bob Bly. Always, the marketer, if you want to know when the Bob Bly Blog launches subscribe to his newsletter!

Friday Fun


Show Biz and creativity continues into Friday Fun.
Can't get enough of Google? Next time you're on Bleeker Street in the Village pick up tickets to see Googlewhack! British comedian Dave Gorman falls under the spell of an obscure internet word game that takes him around the globe (3 times!) and brings him face-to-face with some of the funniest people on the planet.
Inspired to write your own play but having a bit of writer's block? The 36 Plots outlines ideas for plots and characters.
- Daring Enterprise - Bold Leader, Goal, Adversary
- Crimes of Love - Lover, Theme of Dissolution
- Self Sacrifice for an Ideal - Hero, Ideal, Person or Thing Sacrificed
Heard if from: Kottke
More help on jump starting your creativity from Kottke - The Map of Creativity. Very cool!

There’s No Business Like Show Business ….


It seems as though everyone who blogs has her (or his) own vision of blogs. During the past few months journalists and pundits used blogs as a virtual soap box. Marketers are exploring how blogs can build stronger customer relationships and encourage sales.

Now the performing art world is discovering this new medium. Blogs are making their way on to the silver screen and providing a peek at the back stage challenges of a new musical.

On the Silver Screen - Chuck Olsen, an independent documentary maker, calls blogs the “digital video revolution.” Chuck’s independent documentary about blogs, Blogumentary, was screened Friday, Nov. 5th at the Fourth Annual Get Real Documentary Film Festival.

Sidebar: Seems to be a lot of blog happenings in MN – City of Eden Prairie and Griff Wigley to name but two.

Back Stage At The Goodspeed – Emmy Award-winner and co-author of the new musical Princesses, Cheri Steinkellner, is blogging a unique behind the scene look at putting on a play. Ms. Steinkellner candidly shares her thoughts about rehearsals, rewrites and challenges she faces. The Princesses Blog reads like a play within in a play. Why not a play about a playwright who blogs about how to create a play?

Goodspeed Musicals production of Princesses, begins Nov. 4 and plays through Nov. 28 in Chester, Connecticut at the The Norma Terris Theatre.  From a marketing perspective, I’d love to know how Princesses Blog influenced ticket sales!

Two more examples of how blogs “empower us to tell our story…” Chuck Olsen, The Blogumentary.

Friday Fun - Traveling For A Cause


  • Gad_and_mike_grand_canyon

Received an update from Gab Sedor. Gad and her husband Mike are travelers on an adventure. By visiting  320 national parks, monuments, state capitals in the lower 48 and top U.S. metro areas they hope to raise awareness of childhood cancer. For details see past Diva Marketing post - It Should Have Been A Blog.

Greenfield Online is their corporate sponsor and has promised to develop a blog (hurray!).  In the meantime, take a look a the website for some wonderful photos of Gad and Mike's hike into the Grand Canyon.

Read More About Cause Marketing

According to a study recently published by PRWeek/PainePR , Maximizing Cause-Related, corporate sponsorships are projected to increase 17% in the coming year.

Although cause marketing can be an effective strategy, it comes with its own unique set of challenges. Keep in mind that two different organizations, with very different cultures, are attempting to blend goals and resources. Following are a few tips based on the PRWeek/PainePR research findings.

Strategies For A Successful Corporate Cause Marketing Program

-Recognize and Embrace Differences (between corporations and nonprofits). To prevent miscommunication, be clear with goals, priorities and activities.

-Maximize PR Opportunities. The PRWeek/PainePR survey findings indicate that PR is the number-one way that nonprofits demonstrate the value of a cause-related partnership to the corporation.

-Be Realistic About Expectations. More than 75 percent of nonprofits reveal that corporations expect more value for their sponsorship than one year ago. When the relationship first starts, both parties need to outline in writing their value expectations.

-Consider the Impact of Size on Available Resources. Not all nonprofits are created equal - especially when it comes to total revenue and staff capacity - so it is important to consider the organization's size when working with them.

-Know Why Relationships Don't Work. When a partnership fails, it is usually for mutual reasons, the primary one being when both sides under utilize PR opportunities (according to 58 percent of respondents), closely followed by corporate partners having unrealistic expectations of how the partnership will benefit its business goals (according to 53 percent of respondents).

-Adapt to an Increasingly Competitive Market. With an expected increase in corporate support for nonprofits in the immediate future, it will be all that more important for corporations to make their organization and sponsorship packages stand out.

-Clarify Your Introductory Approach. Eighty-two percent of nonprofits actually approach corporations for support. Approximately 30 percent report that public relations agencies on either side make the introductions, and approximately 25 percent report that corporations approach them directly.

And who are the most admired corporations for their support of nonprofits? 


-American Express

-General Electric

-Ben & Jerry's




-Procter & Gamble


Gourmet Station Blog - Introduction (1)


The blogosphere is a buzz about the logistics of crafting a blog - from how frequently to post to what type of posts to include to how to measure success. All important. All necessary. Once the basics are understood, the next step is incorporating a blog into a strategic marketing plan.

Donna Lynes-Miller, president and CEO of GourmetStation, is bravely going where few have gone. GourmetStation is creating a blog. [Gourmet Station provides innovative upscale food gifting solutions.] It won't be just any blog project. The vision is to create an adverblog using the company's icon - T. Alexander - as the voice of the blog.

Here's where our fun comes in. Donna has agreed to let me blog the experience. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing the process of creating an innovative B2C blog with you. Since there doesn't appear to be a lot of models for this type of a blog, we'll be testing ideas and concepts. Your feedback and comments are welcomed and sought. We invite you learn with us.

Leading the creative strategy will be GourmentStation's agency Blue Marble Media and the Rocket Science Group will handle the tech stuff. Stay tune for more.

Read More About Blog Basic
Tech Soup
Blogging 101

Read More About Blog Marketing Strategy
Blogs: Influencers First, Businesses Next
Heard it from: Radiant Marketing

Divas Your Vote Counts!


The Chicago Times is calling this the "Year of the Woman."

Did you know...
-Over 59 million women voted in the 2000 election
-A higher percentage of women than men have voted in every presidential election since 1984.
-Election 2004 polls show that more women than men are undecided about who they will vote for in the 2004 presidential election.
-Election 2004 polls indicated that women are the largest percentage of swing voters, and a bigger number of voters up for grabs in the battleground states. Votes For Women

Since political marketing has evolved into its own category it's fair to pose a few marketing questions:
-Did the candidates do a good job marketing to women?
-Were ads developed that women could relate to or were did they have the same old good old boy focus?
-Divas how did your candiate of choice's campaign help you relate to the "brand?"
-How many candidates leveraged new media, and of course, blogs, to their best advantage?

After you've cast your ballot and while you're waiting for the polls to close, Mike Luckovich's
10 favorite election-year cartoons are good for a chuckle or two.

Graphic complements of League of Women Voters of Georgia.
League of Women Voters

On The Road & A Little More ...



  • Looking for a presentation or workshop about the business side of blogs/social media?
  • Can't figure out how your organization can get into the blogosphere/social media or if it's even right for your company?

A Diva Marketing Approach May Be Your Answer!
~a strategic marketing & blog/social media consultancy ~

always customized to support your company's marketing and business goals. Never a cookie cutter approach.

Your expertise that you shared with us was very valuable and in same way "PRICELESS"

Thank you so much for introducing myself and M/A/R/C Research to the world of Blogging. As you know, I was very skeptical at first but I must admit we are enjoying being part of the Blogging community. Merrill Dubrow, CEO M/A/R/C Research

are never popped out of a can. The Diva Approach to adult learning is interactive, customized to meet the needs of your staff or organization with a splash of style and a bit of fun.

She made blogs and blogging understandable.

Her presentation was fun, informative rich and I'd recommend Toby to anyone interested in getting the scoop on blogging. - Lorin R. Robinson, 3M

.... places & people& presentations & workshops .. oh my!

- October 16, 2007 American Marketing Association Marketing Workshop Scottsdale, AZ The Good The Blog And The Ugly

- October 11 & 12, 2007 Lehigh Valley PA Visitors & Convention Bureau Allentown, PA

- April 30, 2007 Healthcare Blogging Summit Las Vegas, NV

- March 23-24, 2007 BlogHer Business New York, New York

- March 20, 2007 AMA Marketing Workshop Las Vegas, NV The Good The Blog And The Ugly

- February 10, 2007 SoCom 07 Atlanta, GA

- January 20. 2006 NAFST Fancy Food Show San Francisco, CA

- December 11, 2006 Healthcare Blogging Summit: The New Rules of Marketing Washington, DC Strategy & Tactics Panel Discussion, Moderator (pre conference to Consumer Health World)

- November 2, 2006  Center for Services Leadership Symposium Phoenix, AZ Building Service Relationships Through Social Media

I knew when I heard you at the AMA conference in January that you would be a timely addition to the Compete Through Service program, and you certainly did not disappoint me or the attendees fortunate to come to one of your break outs! Thank you, Toby, for being an important part of the recent symposium’s success. Steve Brown, Executive Director and Professor of Marketing at W. P. Carey School of Business

- October 23, 2006 AMA Marketing Workshop, San Diego, CA Brave New World – Social Media and Marketing Innovation (The Good the Blog and the Ugly!)

- October 5-9, 2006 Blogonomics - The Business Blogging Cruise Conference Canceled

- September 26, 2006 Joint program: IABC & Society for Technical Alliance (STA) Atlanta, GA Beyond Blogging 101- You’re in the Game Now

You have a lovely presentation style… so it’s nice when people who might only know you via internet get to see you live!  Jo Ann McCracken-Redding McCracken & Associates/IABC Program Co-Director

- September 7, 2006 Atlanta Freelance Forum Atlanta, GA Blog Smolog Who Needs It?

- August 31, 2005 Brookhaven Rotary Atlanta, GA  Beyond the Blog Buzz

You had a big fan club and everyone enjoyed your talk. Jim Mitchell

- August 3, 2006 Atlanta IT Alliance (AITA) Atlanta, GA  Beyond The Blog Buzz

July 29, 2006 BlogHer San Jose, CA Business Blog Case Studies - Panel Discussion

- July 8, 206 NAFST Fancy Food Show New York City Jacob Jarvis Center - Marketing On The Web: What Email, Blogs And Search Can Do For You

- June 21, Reno Chapter of the American Marketing Association, Nevada What?s New In eMarketing?

    Best presentation I've seen here!

    I thought she covered a lot in a simple effect

Beginners Guide To Corporate Blogging


Corporate Blogging (one of the best blogs around for smart down and dirty info on blogs and blogging) has posted a FREE PDF "Beginners Guide To Corporate Blogging."Cheers to you Mister Wacka with an Absolut Vodka Apple Martini!

Content includes:
- Corporate Blogs - A Definition
- The Nature of Blogs
- Reasons for Corporate Blogs
- Six Types of Corporate Blogs
- Read Blogs
- Publish Blog
- 14 Steps to Your Business Blog
- What Corporate Bloggers Say