Messy Is A Good Thing When It Comes To Blogs


Joho the Blog aka David Weinberger aka coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto and divor of the blogosphere kicked off a series of discussions hosted by the Library of Congress' John W. KlugeCenter. Many thanks to C-SPAN for the download of Dr. Weinberger’s speech (since this is a blog and I’ve been reading Joho for ages and feel as though I know him…perhaps I can just call him David?).

The Shape of Knowledge, or, Everything Is Miscellaneous includes exciting and important information and David puts heart and soul into his presentation. In fact, I stopped multi tasking to watch rather than just listen.

Snippets and Sound Bytes About Blogs From Joho

-Places to speak in our own voice of the things that matter to us.

The passion is the essence of blogging.

-Persistence. We write every day. You can come back as often as you want. The more you come back the more you’ll know me.

It is humbling and gratifying to realize that words and thoughts do not fall into a silent cyber void.

-Weblogs are selves – that’s why they matter. They matter to the blogger.

That’s why friendships spring up among bloggers so quickly and easily…we already know each other.

The kindness and support of bloggers is a continuous delight and a cherished benefit of blogging.

-Weblogs are conversations done in response to other blogs … webs of conversation.

Creating dialogue, conversation and community in a world that longs for connection.

-Weblogs are a messy extension of (the blogger’s) identify … links and multiple views in conversation with one another.

I love this concept. The tapestry weaves more amd more complex and the colors create new patterns and experiences.

If links are what makes the web, then generosity of spirit in providing access to links is what makes blogs. Here's the link to David's speech. What are you waiting for? Go watch Dr. W!

Thanks to my pal Greg from Marketecture in Atlanta for the heads up.


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