Friday Fun - Ho! Ho! Ho! Shopping Begins


X_mas_shopping The day after Thanksgiving sales marks the onset of holiday shopping. What would holiday shopping be without Neiman's Christmas Book? The online version is complete with the famous Fantasy Gifts section. For only $20,000 your shinning knight can sport his very own suit of armor. Diva, you'd look stunning accompaning your knight to the round table in your one-of-a kind $325,000 creation from Valentino.

Or how about His and Her Bowling Alleys - $1,450,000, a limited-edition 2005 Maseratie Quattroporte - $125,000, your very own Zepplin NT- $10,000,000 or  a deep flight aviator - $1,700,000? Dream on divas ....

[Sidebar: Found it interesting that NM in a very un pc (politically correct) strategy continues to call their catalogue "Christmas" vs. "Holiday."]

While we're in a shopping mood, how about a present for you? A cute pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes to wear to your Holiday/Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza party? Manolo has a blog. I think it's Manolo who is blogging...but then again who can tell - no About Us page (that drives me nut!)? Manolo's Shoe Blog is written in a style similar to Yvonne DiVito's excellent Lipsticking blog.

Any guesses on the hot trend in 2004 holiday gifts? IPods - nope. DVDs - nope. Flat screen TVs, computers, retro, no, no. Deloitte and Touche's Holiday Survey indicates gift cards are the gift of choice. Guess Santa's bag will be a little lighter this year.

... and holiday stress. If you're finding cell phones a little too annoying Smash My Phone will trample, crush and smash them for you. Heard it from: Wonkette


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