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About 50 people attended AiMA's Beyond the Blog Buzz in Atlanta this week. Found it interesting that much of the discussion focused on RSS and blog ads. JR Mayhew and Henry Copeland fielded those questions.

Richard Turner, TBS and the innovator of the Vote Carrie blog, said that blogs gives a voice to the people who want to share knowledge about your product or service. Blogs tap into their passion. [In terms of placing ads]  Even if it's a small trafficked site. If the right people you want to impact are reading it can have an impact on your brand and your sales.

Most of the participants were not bloggers and less than half read blogs but the enthusiasm was high and several people stayed until the lights went out in Georgia (ouch sorry!). Altho Atlanta has its share of visible bloggers including Anita Sharpe and Brad Fallon it appears that most companies have yet to discover the impact of blogs. However, I dare say Hot'Lanta is on pare with most of the country.

Must admit that one of the highlights of the night, for this blogging diva, was when Richard passed out the ultra cool Sex in the City goodies...t-shirts, books, and designer pocketbooks!

And added bonus was meeting a new blogging friend Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing....bloggers are such friendly people. [Sidebar see see David Weinberger's comment in the above post)


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Attendance was disappointing to me for such a good event and venue. Overall AiMA failed to get people very excited about the subject. I am really fired up to use blogs in all sorts of creative ways.

I thought the diversity of the panel was excellent. JR Mayhew was intriguing and Richard's "Carrie" presentation was cool. Henry Copeland and (as always) Brad Fallon had interesting takes on commercialism from two very different perspectives.

However, the best take-away from this event was the green bags. I really wanted one of those for my girlfriend.

Posted by: wayne on Nov 19, 2004 11:03:21 AM

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