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A few quick thought "finds" -

A must if you're in the job search mode! - Heard it from: Kraneland

Richard Eldeman's blog, Speak-up, is one of the best examples of c-level blogs. R.E. is the president and CEO of Eldeman, billed as the world's largest independent PR firm. My question...why only 13 subscribers? Is Bloglines off or is Mr. Eldeman keeping this a secret?

The audio from Paul's (Radiant Marketing,) interview from Easy Bake Blogs  is posted. Nice overview on blogging basics and good tips on promotions and valuable comments from listeners. Since it's an audio you can multi task as you listen and learn!


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Glad you enjoyed the audio - thanks for the link back!

Posted by: Andy Wibbels on Nov 19, 2004 10:49:59 AM

What are quick thought? Not only to be sane in all aspects or make decision in a short time.I guess we all should be a quick thinker not as a short timer but for a long timing.

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