Firday Fun: New Diva Detective


There’s a new diva detective on the block…meet sassy Cece Caruso! Cece is West Hollywood cool with the street smarts of a New Jersey Stephanie Plum. In I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason Susan Kandel has crafted a new heroine that is funny, smart and with a panache for vintage clothes.

By trade Cece is a biographer of mystery writers. In I Dreamed I Married Perry Mason, her latest assignment is writting a book about the life of Erle Stanley Gardner, creator of the dashing, never-loose-a-case attorney Perry Mason. Cece’s got the Perry Mason stuff down but capturing the essence of Gardner eludes her. In her research Cece discovers a misfiled letter written by a convicted murder that could help her uncover Gardner’s true personality.

Part of Cece’s charm is that she doesn’t take herself seriously. Her humor is delightful. Cece on why vintage clothes only come in sizes four and six: “Throughout history, voluptuous girls like myself tended to be ravished by impatient mates, their dresses shed in the heat of passion while our petite counterparts, being inherently less desirable, had ample time to hang up their garments, neatly thus preserving them for posterity on eBay.”

The plot has it share of roller coaster twists and turns...add a glamorous, aging movie star with fabulous clothes, her handsome son with a troubled past, a sexy past lover who is a police detective and you’ve a new diva detective series…with style and attitude.

More fun with diva detectives in the Nancy Drew Guide To Life. Hmm..must remember this advice - “Don’t force your date to go to a ballet or other activity that may not be to his liking if he was knocked unconscious earlier in the day.” From The Double Jinx Mystery


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