Quick Thoughts: Blogs Coming of Age


Blogs...blogs...and more blogs. To continue the week's theme about blogs here are links to two more important ideas that are helping tip blogs as legit marketing strategies.

"The real promise of blogs, however, lies in their tremendous marketing power." CFO.com article The Marketing Power of Blogs. Apple Martinis or Poms for all...a c-level pub gets its it! Heard it from NevOn

Recently found Shel Israel's blog - ItSeemsToMe. Loved his concept about blogs and conversational marketing. It seems to me one of blogging’s many greatest promises is in “conversational marketing,” and its use will make advertising and public relations more effective. More important it will make us all happier prospects and customers.

Happy prospects and happy customers...isn't that what marketing is all about?


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Thanks for the kind mention. Conversational marketing will also be a big part of a book I'm writing with Robert Scoble. We're doing the whole thing, including the proposal and publisher's negotiations on a blog:http://redcouch.typepad.com/. So you an follow it if you wish.

Posted by: shel israel on Dec 20, 2004 11:35:15 PM

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