Unexpected Customer Delight


Spent the last few days in Scottsdale teaching an internet marketing class for AMA. Traveling to Arizona I encountered a few unexpected customer delight experiences. Here are my stories...

Customer Delight One
TSA Security check-in is stressful, exhausting but sadly necessary in today's world. The frustrations and inconsistencies of the process are frequent topics of conversation among air travelers.
Step 1 - Take out your laptop from its case.
Step 2 - Take off your shoes.
Step 3 - Take off your watch.
Go through the security checkpoint.
Step 4 - Put your laptop back in its case.
Step 5 - Put your shoes back on.
Step 6 - Put your watch back on.

Customer delight was far from my mind when I realized I'd left my watch in the-gray-bin. I raced through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport/Atlanta back to the security check-in. The TSA manager handled this frazzled traveler with professionalism and kindness, found my watch, walked me to the shortest line and wished me a safe trip.

Then he turned his attention to another stressed out customer - a mom with a toddler who both were not happy waiting in line. With a sweet, gentle smile my TSA friend soon had the baby laughing and the mom smiling.

Customer Delight Two
The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is conducting a customer satisfaction survey on its limo and taxi services. As I entered taxi #867, I was handed a prepaid post card questionnaire and asked to please complete and mail it back. And if I had any complaints about the service, to please call the number on the card.

Customer Delight Three
The nice bartender at the Camelback Inn made more margaritas than was need and I was more than happy to help him out when he offered me the extras.

Diva Delight Lessons Learned
There are sophisticated analysis techniques, programs, books, workshops, tapes, DVDs, CD-ROMs, websites on and on about customer satisfaction. But when it's all said and done, customer delight is simply telling people - "You matter. I hear you. I'm paying attention to you." In this world that spins too fast, consistent customer delight is one of the most powerful branding strategies you can put into play.


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Hey - wish I'd known you were in Scottsdale! I'd have bought you one of those margaritas. Let me know if you're ever in my neighborhood again - would love to meet you for coffee.


Posted by: Michele Miller on Oct 17, 2004 3:35:33 PM

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