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The marketing community is a buzz about experiential marketing. Here’s a slight twist to the story - marketing through mood management.

Mood Management Marketing is about evoking feelings and emotions through sensory elements. Recall how you felt when you suddenly smelled a lover’s cologne, heard a piece of music that tapped into your heart, saw an unexpected perfect rose in your garden or a felt a scratchy kiss from your sweet puppy.

An interesting book, Brand Lands, Hot Spots & Cool Spaces: Welcome to the Third Place and the Total Marketing Experience, from author Christian Mikunda explores the concept in relationship to environments.

In an interview with EMERALD NOW Mikunda reminds us that selling is all about emotions . However, he also cautions...

I think it is important to understand that experiences are not a guarantee for selling, but they are certainly very helpful. It´s like being friendly while talking to customers, which is motivating, encourages them to be positive about your store and interested in your product, to stay longer and be more likely to return on future occasions. Creating experiences fosters the same responses because these will encourage customers to browse.

Bring it on home Divas! With a little imagination, it's not difficult to create sensory experiences in a retail environment, but how can you use Mikunda's concept in the virtual world?

Words, graphics, fonts, images, navigation, useability and of course it goes without saying, that like a divine diva outfit, all must coordinate with your brand and positioning. How could a bit of flash, a video clip of how to use your product or an audio download of one of your best presentations enhance your visitor's experience?

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