Friday Fun


Hugh of gapingvoid doodles brilliant bits of comics on the back of business cards.
Heard it from Scoble.

Hugh how about one that goes something like....
Person #1: We have nothing to say.
Person #2: Quick. Let's blog it!

One step beyond the blog is a virtal community created by San Francisco-based Linden Lab - Second Life. (Linden Labs also has an old fashion or shall we call it, a retro blog.) Creative applications of Second Life are finding their way to support higher ed courses . Aaron Delwiche, an assistant professor at Trinity University in San Antonio is using Second Life to teach classes. Cool! Read more on Wired.

Diva marketer ... take a walk on the wild side! How would you use a vitual community blog to market your brand? If that's not practical, take an idea or two from your brainstorming and spin it to fit the reality of your current world.

My college days are long ago and far away, but I remember CliffsNotes. Those little yellow and black books are still buzzing around but now lots are online and free. What would those notes be like if we added a zing of a blog reality a la Second Life?
Heard it from Research Buzz.


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