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Quick thoughts before I close shop for the night ('tis the life of a consultant to blog into the wee hours). Have been having an interesting email volley with Bill Flitter, Pheedo, about corporate blogs.

An ah ha moment! The first generation of bloggers (maybe 2nd and 3rd) are learning how to use blogs (as a business/markeitng tool) through global, peer-to-peer interaction via blogs! Quite amazing when you think of it. The learning process is as powerful as blogs themselves! Reinforces the concept of blogs as a media.

Next step - those bloggers are taking the information and turned it into traditional learning....books, workshops, papers, articles, etc.


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That's funny, Toby. Our email conversation inspired me to write this post:

Posted by: Bill Flitter on Oct 29, 2004 2:06:30 PM

Hi Toby

How do you see the future use of Corporate weblogs?

How do you define a Corporate Blog? It’s not about us as a blogging community is it?

As I see it it’s more about convincing companies to use weblogs as part of there overall business processes - not only Communications, Marketing and PR, but also R&D and HR – or what?

Is there any examples besides HP, Xerox and Microsoft doing so? Any numbers for that? Any examples connecting corporate strategy with corporate blogging?

How many bloggers from the so called corporate blogging community is in fact in a mission from management. How many is in fact skunkworkers – just doing what the are obliged to do?

Is there any evidence that companies at their last boardmeeting in fact decided that their R&D department now should be outsourced to a network of best of breed independent engineers, loosly connected via a weblog.

I agree with you and Bill when saying that todays use af Blogs probably will take certain companies to the next level in using the produced knowledge in other channels.....

Best Regards
Hans Henrik

Posted by: Hans Henrik on Nov 2, 2004 8:38:25 AM

Revisiting old posts and finding that we actually knew what we were talking about back in 2004! Now in 2009 there are hundreds of books about blogs and "social media" - including those from BBFs Paul Chaney ->
and Shel Israel ->

(bloggy disclosure I am highlighted in several of their books).

New tools like Twitter where we are once again learning about the tactics as a community playing in the tool.
In fact, Paul tweeted this post!

Posted by: Toby on Sep 2, 2009 4:14:49 PM

It feels a bit strange commenting on a post that's nearly five years old. But, these words still ring true. New tools to apply them to, but same rules apply.

Thanks for showing me some link love Toby. Too bad it's not still 2004, before no-follow tags were implemented. Ha, ha.

I can't wait for the day when I can place a link to your book. What's it called again? The Corner Grocer?

Posted by: Paul Chaney on Sep 2, 2009 4:23:01 PM

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