Friday Fun


Ideas are Fun. Today's Friday Fun looks at innovative ideas that help you creatively market your brand.

Diva's love to shop - especially for bargains. Innovative idea. the [non]billable hour is running an Idea Garage Sale. Items for "sale" include (what seems like) zillions of links to posts, blogs, websites and ideas galore. There's even a bargain bin of "used links." Lots of fun and as the saying goes....someone's trash is some else’s treasure.

By the way, the blog title - the [non] billable hour - is quite appropriate since Matthew W. Homann is an attorney and apparently one of a few who has a sense of humor! Hmmmm..wonder how many [non] billable hours it took to put this great resource together...

More ideas....the Master of WoW - Tom Peters' presentations are online...take a peek.

Stories are great jumping off points for ideas. I played follow the link from Peter's site and somehow found my way to Story Blog.
Read More: Diva Marketing tells how to create business stories - Storytelling For Marketers.

Women's Business Center has 138 Marketing Ideas. Some traditional, some more innovative than others ...worth a reminder visit.

The Diva Challenge
1. Take your cue from the Idea something unexpected.
2. Offer a free product/service of perceived value.
3. Listen to the stories of your staff, customers and prospects.
4. Tell the stories of your brand, company, staff and customers.
5. Post the Women's Business Center list on your company's intranet or bulletin board. Add a new idea a day.


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