Friday Fun


Packaging Rules! Diva dahlings cell phones and iPods can be such a yawn. Friday Fun adds bling and cute.


If your Google stock [NASDAQ NM:GOOG] continues to rise you absolutely will need a diva divine moble phone to check-in with your stock broker. Kimora Lee Simmons worked with Baby Phat to design a cell that is pink and dripping in diamonds. This is not a boring cell's a fashion statement. Oh and make sure you really love it because unless it's defected it's all yours girlfriend. After day 30 - no returns. Cost $714 but hey, the shipping is only 15 bucks. (Whatever happened to customer delight?)

Not able to afford pink & diamond cell phone bling? iPod cute is within budget. iPod Hoodies - complete with hoods, drawstrings and teeny pouches...too cute! Do you think it will help muffle annoying ring tones? has them priced at only $24.Ipod_hoodie_pink_3


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y so cheap?

Posted by: kim on Feb 1, 2005 6:17:23 PM

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