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The Red Sox Play Ball!
Could it be that the Curse of the Bambino is finally coming to an end? Red Sox manager Terry Francona is keeping cool, "There's more baseball to be played." However, while fans watch the World Series games marketing keeps whirling. As you'll see there are lots of ways to hit a brand out of the ball park. Grab a Sam Adams and enjoy today's salute to the Red Sox Friday Fun. has a few strategies in play to keep fans occupied. Here are a few:
-Red Sox Baby!
-What should the wager be between the Red Sox and Cardinals?
My favorite – If the Red Sox win, the Budweiser Clydesdales pull the victory wagon through Kenmore Square. If the Cardinals win, Little Joe (a 5-foot 300 pound gorilla living in Franklin Park Zoo) leads the Cardinal’s victory parade through the streets of St. Louis.
-Dedicated fans must have a t-shirt

At the Official Red Sox site fans can download a Red Sox logo for their cell phones.

How about a few Lessons Learned From The World of Baseball?
Management by Baseball by Jeff Angus
- First Base — Managing the Mechanics
- Second Base — Managing Talent
- Third Base — Managing Yourself
- Home Plate — Managing Change…and Driving It

Read More About The Red Sox
History of The Red Sox
Citgo Sign in Kenmore Square

Watch More About the Red Sox
Heard it from: Joy of Sox

As an Emerson College alum, it would be remiss not to take a moment to remember Victoria Snelgrove, a journalism major at Emerson College, who died while celebrating the Red Sox victory in Kenmore Square. Story.

This Friday's fun is dedicated to my mom who loved baseball and especially the Red Sox.


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