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As blogs progress from the Wild Wild West of the internet to the civilized world of legit marketing and business, be prepared for more structure and "rules" on how to write and develop the new darlings of the web. In fact, Professor Kalyanaraman, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, teaches a course on new media that includes a session about weblogs. If it’s being’s being tested. Check out question #3 on blogs.

But what’s the price for “law and order” in cyberspace? What’s the pay-back for safe streets without gun shooters? Lessons learned from website development and credibility research should give us some clues.

Blog and Blogging Basics
Borrowed from some smart bloggers. For more detail on each topic, play follow the link to the complete posts. Excellent information.

Blog Features
Corporate Blogging
1. The Personality - Blogs are like reading letters from someone (I love this concept!). After a while you can sense that person's values and interests, and you can't remove the person - the personality - from the equation.
2. The Voice - A blogger must dare to be a person instead of an official and a voice will be heard [even within a corporate sanctioned blog].
3. The Links - With the web growing absurdly by the minute, we have no chance of keeping up. The blogs do that for us, in often very small niches.
4. The Conversations - You become a part of the (blog) conversation by linking to blogs from posts of your own, stating your opinions, publishing related information or thoughts.
5. The Frequency - You'll never become a "voice" readers listen to, look forward to hearing, from if you don't publish frequently. [More is better than less. Don't let your blog get dusty.]
6. The Feed - RSS, Atom

Seven Basic Blog Posting Formats
1. Link-only - Link that may include a brief explanation
2. Link blurb - Link that includes brief value-add information
3. Brief remark - 1-3 short paragraph post
4. List - Collection of ideas, links, instructions, etc.; an introduction is usually included but not necessarily a conclusion.
5. Short article - Typically, entries are long enough to merit extending off the home page to a separate full-text page, but not long enough to require more than a couple minutes’ read.
6. Long article - Almost any posting that runs longer than 700 words and is not a list.
7. Series postings - Collection of separate blog postings organized and linked together to form a greater whole.
Note: Frequently posts blend multiple format aspects.

Diva Marketing Suggests
1. Goal/Purpose – Focuses and ensures consistency for the long-run
2. Quality Writing – Including research links that add credibility to your posts
3. Passion and Authenticity – Even across cyberspace your visitors will sense if you’re excited about the work you post
4. Layout/look & feel - Although many bloggers are using templates don't forget that blog writing is similar to web writing e.g., chunking, headlines, use of bold, etc.
5. Consistency over time = loyal readers and blogging friends

The Tech Side
Synesthesia Wiki
1. Must Work In Windows Environment
2. Authentication Must Be Transparent
3. Users Can Keep Their Existing Tools
4. Must Support Multiple Clients
5. Store Once And Only Once
6. Must Have Security Profiles
7. Must Support Track backs
8. Must Support Offline Working

The Corporate Weblog Manifesto
Scobleizer - guru of blogosphere
Note: 20 are posted these are some of my favs
1. Tell the truth
2. Post fast on good news or bad
3. Use a human voice
8. If you screw up, acknowledge it
9. Underpromise and over deliver
10. If Doc Searls says it or writes it, believe it.
note: another guru of the blogosphere
12. Never change the URL of your weblog
14. If you don't have the answers, say so
18. Link to your competitors and say nice things about them

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Business Blog Boot Camp - Lip-Sticking


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