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The American Marketing Association (AMA) is taking a walk on the wild side. AMA is taking blogs on a national road tour! Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website is one-day workshop designed to help marketers cross the chasm in incorporating this innovative internet-based strategy into their organization’s marketing plan.

This is one of the first professional development events that addresses blogging from a strategic marketing focus vs. a tech view vs. a jounalist view vs. a how-to blog view. AMA's "Good Housekeeping" or should we say, "Good Marketing" seal of approval is a significant step towards increasing legitimacy and awareness of blogs as a business/marketing strategy.

I am honored to have been asked to chair and serve as moderator for the Blogs: Marketing Beyond the Website . [Sidebar: I realize that the line-up skews high the talented women bloggers, next go round AMA will try harder to provide a more balanced speaker mix.]

Robert Scoble, Microsoft
Steve Rubel, CooperKatz & Company
Scott Rafer Feedster
Bill Flitter, Pheedo Inc.
Ben McConnell, Church of the Customer
Dana VanDen Heuvel, BlogSavant
Dave Williams, 360i
Toby Bloomberg, Bloomberg Marketing

Cities and Dates
Seattle - December 17
New York - January 21
Chicago - February 18

This is one event that you don't just want to read about on your favorite blog!


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