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nyt_82904Special section in today's Sunday New York Times all about the Isle of Manhattan. Worth saving for your next trip to the Big Apple includes lots of tips, maps and articles written New York Style. Jimmy Breslin suggests looking for the real people by sitting on an stoop and walking through neighborhoods under the el train. You won't find that in most tour guides.

Visit the homes of your TV friends
-The Ricardos (623 E 68 St)
-Friends (90 Bedford Street in the Village),
-Seinfeld (129 W 81 St)
-The Bunkers (Cooper Ave in Glendale, Queens)
-The Cosbys (10 St. Luke's Place - yeah they were suppose to live in Brooklyn but the exterior was shot in the Village.)

Getting hungry? Stop at the favorite bakery of the ladies from Sex and the City - Magnolia Bakery 401 Bleecker St. - and eat a cupcake for me too!

And if you really want to know what New York is all about glance thru Gawker.


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