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maytag_stainlesssteelkitchenIt’s almost sacrilegious to purchase a car without the all important test drive. But have you ever “test driven” a dish washer? How about a washing machine? What about a stove? Now you can. Maytag has created an innovative experiential marketing strategy and a new way of shopping designed for its main target audience…women.

Perspective customers are encouraged to “test drive” dish washers, washing machines and bake cookies in Magtag stoves. Customers can even bring their own dirty dishes and stained clothes. The “try-before-you-buy” strategy was developed in conjunction with independent dealer-owned stores.

Wait…it gets better. From a marketer’s view the story behind the strategy is even more impressive. Emily Haussmann, Advertising Manger Business Development, graciously shared with me that Maytag conducted research to better understand the needs and concerns of the key decision makers for appliance purchases…women. Maytag found that women were more interested in understanding how a product would fit into their lives than listening to a pitch about the merchandise. It may sound a bit odd, but think about it...with the high cost of upper-end appliances, it makes perfect sense to take a potential washer/dryer for a trial spin.

The company realized that the social aspect of shopping was important too. A new environment was designed that included wider aisles, brighter décor and kids’ play area. In the new Maytag Store the ready-to-use appliances are displayed in "vignettes" of home kitchens and laundry rooms. "You should be able to notice how it is much different from a typical appliance shopping experience." Haussman said. Maytag has opened 41 stores with the new format and plans 50 more this year.

Congrats! to Maytag for researching…listening…and risking to do something different.
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