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Had so much fun researching this week's Friday Fun that I almost got lost in cyberspace. Yes, I do spend time pulling sites and searching out odd information for divas that like at least some of their marketing tips with a dash of fun and a throw of a puffy featha boa!

"They are tough, they are gutsy, they are the grown-up but naughty Nancy Drews we always wanted to be." USA TODAY Carol Memmott
What a great quote! After discovering that diva, Kate Spencer director, university marketing and communications at AU shared a love of female detectives heroines, I set out to visit a few friends - Stephanie Plum, Kinsey Milhone, Kate Millholland, Joanna Brady, V.I. Warshawski and some childhood pals too - Trixie Belden and, of course, Nancy Drew.

Did you know that there were spunky female detectives in Victorian novels? However, seems they often weren't taken seriously. (Change happens slooooowly.) Gotta love this dialogue from Lady Detective by WS Hayward.

"I am a female detective and I ask you these questions in order that justice may vindicate her character and reputation for impartiality"
"A - female - detective," he repeated slowly.
"I think I said so."
"Why, I should as soon have thought of seeing a flying fish or a sea-serpent with a ring through its nose."

Intrigued? Pay a visit to Chris Willis’ site.

Want something a little more exotic? Precious Ramotswe is Botswana's only female detective - The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Val McDermid, author of Lindsay Gordon and the Kate Brannigan novels, is writing stories that reflect the way "women network and operate within a nexus of friends and contacts." Her chicks have attitude but they also have "groups of friends whose importance is at the heart of who these women are." Note: Andrea, Kirsten, Michele and Yvonne sounds like Val has been reading your books and blogs!

Janet Evanvoch is trying to update her work by editing some of her bloopers. From the perspective of Y2004 they're not even close to hitting the pc (polically correct) mark. But if you have a sense of humour they're pretty funny http://www.evanovich.com/ click bloopers.

Original: "I just used the portable scanner as an excuse to see you. I know this is a little sudden, but the truth is I'm painfully attracted to you..."
J.E.'s comment: "Just what every woman wants to hear. I guess this has something to do with his "aching groin". Now we know why the hero was still single-- he needed better pick-up lines."

Diva detectives who have an attitude, guts, are a little bit naughty and in the end find glory…what’s not to love? Tip to publishers and authors - Sure would be a hoot to read a Stephanie, Sue or VI blog. And an innovative customer loyalty strategy.

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