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Attended Intelliseek's Free "Blogs 101" webinar yesterday conducted by Pete Blackshaw. It was "sold out" but another session is scheduled for September 1. Well worth the time investment and Intelliseek graciously provided the deck.

Pete's presentation included information about blog analytics. Understanding that blogs can produce measurable results will certain help with the credibility and ROI concern of many companies not yet on the blog band wagon. Another aspect I found fascinating was using aggregated blog information to track consumer trends, monitor the buzz about your own company, as well as, a source of competitive intelligence. Could be a resource for our friends who are in the secondary research biz.

Speaking of buzz there's a post on Poynter online - local newspapers are missing opportunities e.g., increased content, buzz and community support by not linking to local blogs.

Most newspapers, in the United States at least, are fundamentally local, and many publishers will tell you that they believe the paper should be at the center of community life. But how many newspapers are aggregating local weblogs on their websites? Not weblogs written by staffers, but regular local people who are writing local observations about local life.

The more I learn and experience business blogs, the more I am am convinced  that although they may not be the savior of marketing...blogs will continue to impact the way we do business and how we develop communication strategies with customers, prospects and other stakeholders.

Need a little help from some friends - you dear divas.. I'm writing an article on blogs for and would like to get an better understanding of the type of business/marketing blogs you're reading. Would you drop me an e or add a comment and let me know which business and marketing blogs you read or subscribe to on a regular basis? Much appreciated! Toby




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