Women Fill The Shopping Bags


shopping_divaMy good friend Kate Spencer, Director of University Marketing University Relationships at American University and The Diva Marketer of Higher Education,(throw that boa high Kate!) sent me a clip from an American Demographics article - The Influential Female Shopper (subscription needed).

The article that reconfirmed previous, current research indicated...female shoppers are becoming more persuasive in household purchasing decisions including what was thought to be a guy thing...electronics.

What was interesting to me was the emphasis on segmentation. How strange that researchers and yes, smart marketers/"clients" (who should know better), are finally beginning to understand that the “female market” is not one giant blob. A little good research can help create targeted strategies that fill those jazzy shopping bags.

"Gen X women are empowered, they have a different psychological makeup than previous generations. [So as a marketer,] you want to use a different tone of voice or language to effectively market to them. For example, Gen X women have a thrilling side, which speaks more to the mindset of the single woman getting married later in life." Scott Marden, director of marketing research at Vertis, a marketing services firm.

Read more … -Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online by Yvonne Divita and also Don't Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy -- and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market by Lisa Johnson and Andrea Learned.

Speaking of segmentation...dahlings, other blogs may talk about the politics of the Democratic Convention but here's the scoop on Fashion Boston Style! Since we've somehow managed to segue into politics, here's a very creative look at both sides of the political fence from the guys at JibJab...this one is a must see.


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